Are you an entrepreneur in need of an investor?

Moneyflow offers a simple and intuitive system where
investors and entrepreneurs are connected.

About Moneyflow

This is one of several modules that will be part of the Moneyflow ecosystem. We have created modules that take you from idea to distribution. In the current module, as an entrepreneur, you will have your own CMS with a dashboard and access to messages from investors linked to Moneyflow’s dedicated investor app, which is available in all English-speaking countries (183 countries).

If you are an investor, you can download this app here.

Benefits of using the system as an entrepreneur

A comprehensive guide that takes you from A to Z in presenting your company or project. Video pitch capability allows you to submit your concept through video and audio. Presentation of your team with photos, names, roles, and LinkedIn links. Attachments can be included, presenting your company with budgets, financial statements, one-pagers, and more. You can easily share your project via SMS, email, social media, and reaching out to investors.

You will receive a complete investor deck and can showcase your company to established Norwegian and international investors. You can also present your project through images, websites, external one-pagers, prototypes, or test flights.

Benefits for investors

Moneyflow serves as a unique meeting place and bridge between you as an investor and various entrepreneurs. Download the application and discover new startup and growth companies. Filter by industry, segment, investment needs, maturity, and find the perfect match.

You will have access to investor presentations, key figures, company structure, pitches, capital requirements, business models, and more for all companies in the system. Entrepreneurs in each company are presented with comprehensive profiles, including contact information for clarifications or questions through chat, email, or phone.